About 306

An advanced writing seminar intended for juniors and seniors with strong writing skills. We will study and experiment with various genres of writing about the arts, including reviews, essays, features and profiles. We will look all around campus, Northeast Ohio and the web for topics to write about, from Conservatory recitals to Cleveland Playhouse shows to litblogs. As we do so, we will study read some of the best American arts writing published of late as well as three recent controversies in arts writing: “Franzenfreude,” Jerry Saltz and Work of Art and Sasha Frere-Jones’ “Paler Shade of White.”

Guest speakers, who are all working arts writers with a specific expertise, will join us to share their experiences as writers, current trends in their fields and publications and, on occasion, their thoughts about your writing, sent to them in advance.

You will  choose a “beat” to focus on, maintain a public blog and submit pieces for publication on your chosen speciality.




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